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Working towards a Ballarat Dark Sky Community

Image:Protecting the Night – Delacombe Victoria Australia – A Local Solution for Smart Security – you can turn unnecessary lighting off after close of business. Image credit: J. Bailey

Providing the best conditions to allow us all to live in a Regional City and still enjoy as dark a sky as possible is achievable, many cities have achieved this.

The following Guidelines are now being considered by the City of Ballarat:

What is possible below using the same AS/NZ:

A Values-Centered Approach to Nighttime Conservation

IDA’s Board of Directors adopted a policy implementing the Five Principles for Responsible Outdoor Lighting on January 28, 2021. The Policy is intended to inform IDA’s ongoing work to protect the night from light pollution.


Contribute to the GLOBE AT NIGHT Project tracking light pollution around the Earth.

Each month near the new Moon several days are listed to observe a constellation in our Southern sky and count the stars. there is also now an app which you can download onto your phone.


Take action to protect reduce your light at your home or business